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Drink Daily Greens case study

Labels Helps "Juice-Up" Sales

When a product competes for sales with similar items at retail outlets, the appearance of its package provides the important first impression that potential buyers see. And when a label is used to decorate that package, it’s critical that the label reflects the quality of the product and its manufacturer.

Drink Daily Greens labels from WeberThat certainly is the case for Drink Daily Greens, a burgeoning manufacturer of a whole range of different flavors of organic, cold-pressed juices based in Austin, TX. The company distributes its Daily Greens-brand juices nationwide to hundreds of retail outlets, including high-end grocer Whole Foods. So when the pressure-sensitive labels it was using on its juice bottles began to bubble and wrinkle, the company sought a solution.

They initially contacted Weber Packaging Solutions (Arlington Heights, IL) to learn more about a semi-automatic means of applying their labels to the bottles that might solve the wrinkling problem. At the same time, they learned that Weber also manufactured pressure-sensitive labels themselves.

That was over two years ago, and since then Drink Daily Greens has purchased two of the semi-automatic labelers from Weber Packaging, which have solved the wrinkling dilemma.

They still use those semi-auto units to label samples and short-run custom bottles of juicet. However, as a result of the company’s growing sales, they now have integrated a proprietary, fully-automatic labeling system into their bottle filling and capping line.

Drink Daily Greens obtains its bottles from Bomatic, Inc. (Ontario, CA). The straight-wall, BPA-free plastic bottles hold 16 ounces of cold-pressed juice. And the company will soon be using 10- and 12-ounce bottles, as well.

The juice bottle label itself always has been of paramount importance to Drink Daily Greens. Not only must the label contain product ingredients, Nutrition Facts, a barcode, best-by date and other information, it also has to display all of that in an attractive and appealing manner.

The appearance of their product was absolutely crucial in communicating their brand messaging. Drink Daily Greens' labels simply had to stand front and center at stores in order to attract buyers.

“When our company was just getting started, our labels were being printed by a local supplier that used a flexographic printing process,” said Drink Daily Greens. “If we wanted to alter the information on our label in any way, it was a costly proposition to purchase new printing plates. Digital printing requires no plates, so content changes for a new print run costs us virtually nothing.”

Today Drink Daily Greens is obtaining its pressure-sensitive labels from Weber Packaging. Using its HP Indigo digital press, Weber Packaging prints the 5.5” x 7.5” labels in four-color process (CMYK), plus adds two layers of white to ensure the barcode on the label can be scanned accurately at the checkout counter.

The 2-mil labels are a clear film material, and include a polypropylene gloss over-laminate for added durability and scratch resistance. In fact, the labels are constructed to hold up under 80,000 psi during the bottle immersion process indicative of cold-pressed juice manufacturing.

Weber Packaging’s graphics team works directly with Drink Daily Greens’ label designers to ensure that the pre-press artwork preparation goes smoothly. In addition, the use of the digital printing press enables Weber to provide precise, inexpensive press proofs of new juice labels prior to production.

For example, Drink Daily Greens earned USDA certification as a manufacturer of organic juice in mid 2014. That change necessitated alterations to all of its labels, which turned out to be easy and inexpensive thanks to digital label printing.

They were fortunate to be experiencing very rapid growth in the sales of their cold-pressed juices. And they attribute a lot of that growth to the appearance of their bottles and their labels.

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