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Pressure-Sensitive Water Bottle Labels

Get the labels you need for any shape bottle.

Make sure that you get the right label for your bottled water products. Water-proof film labels work best or, if recycling is important, you can go with a label material that is biodegradeable or easily removable for recycling.

Talk to one of our label experts to figure out what material will work best for your application. Weber can do short runs of customized water labels or large production runs for your whole brand.

Need help applying your labels? We have label applicator sized to fit your needs, from small boutique water companies to large automated beverage production labelers.

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Users Guide to Labels

Juice labels

Water Bottle Label Design Tips


Using clear label material allows your product to be seen by the consumer, plus it can give your label a backlit appearance.
For bottled water, be sure to use label materials that will stand up to being in wet or refrigerated conditions for a length of time.
If you are using a recyclable plastic container, check that you are using the right compatible recyclable label material.

Use unique designs and colors to convey a family of products. This makes it easier for consumers to return to your brand by sight. Color also adds visual flavor ideas to the packaging.
Keep your design simple but refreshing. Metallic foils and gloss varnished labels can attract a customers attention quickly.
Add a QR code so your customers can interact with your company via free offers, company info and more.

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Round Water Bottle Label

Here is an example of a creative and functional water bottle. The doughnut-shaped label follows the shape of the bottle which is specially designed for small children to hold. The colorful label has a simple and pleasing look that kids would like.

The flat area at the bottom of the label allows it to be hand-applied accurately in small quantities, though automatic label application would be required for larger amounts.

Label Size: 4.5" round

Facestock: White Film

Print method: Digital

Top Coat: None

Cold pressed juice labels

Custom Water Bottle Labels

If you need small runs of water bottle labels, Weber can help. With our digital label presses, we can economically print the amount of labels that you need.

Water bottles are a great way to advertise your company or products. And a durable film label keeps your message from disappearing when it gets wet. To get your own examples of these types of labels, click on the "Get Samples" button above.

Label Size: 7.75" wide x 2.25" high

Facestock: White Film

Print method: Digital

Top Coat: None

water bottle labels
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