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Weber Packaging Solutions makes high-quality craft beer and wine labels.

Craft Beer, Wine & Distilled Spirits Labels

craft beer labelsThe craft beer and wine industries are bursting at the seams with new breweries and vineyards opening every day. And we are supplying them with creative labels as special as their offerings.

Clear labels and metallic facestocks can give your labels a unique look that gets your product get noticed. Plus it adds implied value because the label looks so good!

When you label a bottle of your wine or craft beer, you are telling your story to the world. Since many shoppers make their decision about their purchase by the look of the label, you need to have a label that will get them excited about trying your brand.

Wine and craft beer labels need to look unique, setting you apart from the crowd in the busy beverage aisle. And the labels need to be durable, water-resistant and smudge-proof. Weber can print your labels on their digital presses, so small label runs are very economical. We can use a variety of label stocks for special effects and can add foil and embossing to really make your label come alive. 

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Craft Beer & Wine Label Tips

 Wine, craft beer & spirits packaging has to endure a wide range of environmental extremes from wet and humid storage in coolers to abuse on store shelves. 
 Weber offers facestocks and adhesives that can withstand these hardships with ease. 
 Our quality testing assures your label performance. 

 Add a laminate or spot varnish to areas of your label to highlight specific features. 
 Booklet labels can add additional pages to your label that can contain recipes, health information or coupons. 
 Add a QR Code or Spotify tag to direct your customers to your social media pages.

New to labels?

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