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cold storage and cryogenic storage labels

Critical Cold-Storage & Cryogenic Labels

Did you know that nearly half of new drug approvals issued by the FDA require special refrigeration during storage and transportation? These extreme temperatures require specialized labels and adhesives that can endure long term cryo conditions.
Cryogenic cold storage labels
When it comes to cold-storage and cryogenic labeling, Weber Packaging draws upon our expertise to provide durable label solutions designed for applications that include biological and pharmaceutical products, like vaccines, biologic drugs, stem cells, and whole tissues. Performance across a wide range of conditions, from room temperature to storage in deep-freeze environments and all throughout the supply chain is essential to preservation – as low as -196°C / -320°F. 

Common temperature control and preservation techniques we encounter include:

Cryo Preservation: Refers to liquid nitrogen conditions (down to -196C° /-320F°) necessary for storage of biological constructions, like cells or tissues.

Dry Ice: This refers to frozen carbon dioxide (down to -78C°/-109F°) used for freezing and keeping things frozen, commonly required for clinical trials.

Freezing: Straightforward, it refers to negative temperatures, up to dry ice conditions needed for products that must be kept stable in very cold conditions, like plasma or various lab samples.

Aside from the temperature requirements, labels also work with a variety of plastic and glass containers; including tubes and vials, delivering reliable tight mandrel performance.  Count on our labeling solutions to deliver clear identification of biological drugs, bio-banking products, and blood components and reduce the risk of potentially catastrophic mix-ups due to label displacement during transportation.  Clear films are also available to provide an unobstructed view of products in transparent packaging.

No matter the application or preservation need, we provide the ultimate product protection throughout the supply chain, from manufacturer to retailer, medical facility, and patient.  Furthermore, with demand for these products continuing to grow at a rapid pace during the current COVID-19 pandemic, Weber supports the timely production and shipping of vital labeling solutions. 

Our goal is to work together proactively to support you and your business needs during this challenging and rapidly changing time.  Weber Sales and Customer Service Teams are available for any questions that you may have for us.

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