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Weber Label Imprinting Service

Weber Label Service Bureau

We can print labels for you!

If on-site labeling is not a cost-efficient alternative for your company– or you need to supplement your in-house label printing capability– we offer our exclusive Weber Service Bureau. Our in-house label printing and encoding operations enable us to produce bar code and other variable-imprint labels for you.

It's fast and economical, plus you eliminate the capital, labor and inventory expenses that can be associated with doing it yourself. And turnaround time is no problem. We can have your labels printed and out the door in 48 to 72 hours.

Bar Code & Variable-Imprint Labels
For high-volume requirements, the Weber Service Bureau has added a high-quality, in-line digital imprinting capability to our high-speed flexographic label printing operation.

Our Domino on-press inkjet system delivers excellent image quality and reliability. It's ideal for large- or mid-volume print runs that require imprinting like bar codes (1D and 2D), text, sequential number, expiration dates – virtually any job that requires variable data.

The Domino operates at up to 250 fpm and provides up to 9.5 inches of potential print width. Print resolution can be up to 316x526 dpi. All bar codes are verified prior to shipping.

Lower-volume printing projects can be completed with choice of off-press printing techniques, including direct-thermal, thermal-transfer, and laser. We print bar codes of various size, density and orientation, plus all popular one- and two-dimensional symbologies.

After printing, we scan your bar code labels to ensure they meet specifications. Our quality is guaranteed, of course.

Label Examples

Weber Label Imprinting Examples

Bar code and variable-imprint labels from the Weber Service Bureau satisfy a wide variety of applications, including small or large volumes of labels for:

• Automotive industry compliance
• Retail labels and tags
• Property/asset management
• Forest products/horticultural tags
• Product/pallet identification and tracking
• Bin/shelf labeling
• Parts identification

Give us a call and let us quote your next label printing project. We have the knowledge and capabilities to get your project printed on time and within your budget.

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Label Imprinting Capabilities

Weber Service Bureau Printing Capabilities
Whether you need a small run of UPC labels for your products or large format address labels for your lumber pallets, we have the right equipment to print your job. We have Zebra wide-format thermal-transfer and direct-thermal printers for small jobs, color ink jet printers for GHS and chemical labels, and our Domino on-press inkjet system allows us to imprint variable information of large label runs at high speed.

And we guarantee that your job is done right to your specifications. Call us today for your quote!

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