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Adjustable jig fixture for label applicators

Label Applicator T-Base Stands

t-base stand

This adjustable jig fixture helps ease the transition from manual to semi-automatic labeling using a Weber tamp-blow, pressure-sensitive label applicator or label printer-applicator.

With an adjustable X- and Y-Axis, this all-aluminum guide makes it easy to line up a product for consistent labeling every time. And it mounts directly to the labeling system's t-base stand so it is solid as a rock. 

You can make adjustments in a matter of seconds and your labeling will be accurate everytime. Easy-to-read increments are on both axis guides.


Adjustable Jig Fixture

adjsuatble jig fixtureThe jig fixture is designed exclusively for easy attachment to Weber's heavy-duty t-base stand, which provides a secure mount for both the fixture and a Weber labeling system. The jig fixture's sturdy table and adjustable X and Y axis fences and recessed scales provide a workstation that facilitates operator involvement.

• Works with all Weber tamp-blow label applicators and printer-applicators
• Easy to adjust and use
• Built from rugged, lightweight aluminum
• Quick-release knobs and levers enable the operator to adjust the guide fences to accommodate products or packages from 5" to 20.5" wide. Label application is activated through the use of a footswitch or convergent proximity sensor.

The jig fixture's t-base mount, table and adjustable fences are constructed of durable, lightweight aluminum. The unit's working surface covers over 440 square inches and is built to withstand the day-to-day wear of continuous labeling and product handling.


46.18" (117.3 cm)

33.1" (84.1 cm)

67.42" (171.3 cm)

114 lbs. (51.7 kg)

Heavy-duty tubular steel; gray baked-on enamel

• In-out traverse
• Extended Column
• Motorized operation
• Various custom modifications
• Floor mount
• H-base version
• Stainless steel version
• Low-toe version

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