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Weber Packaging Solutions environmental stewartship info

Weber Environmental Stewardship

Weber Sustainability programWeber Packaging Solutions' own Greenwise Program is an effort to challenge professionals in the packaging industry to become more observant, knowledgeable and committed towards greater environmental stewardship.

To that end, we offer a number of sustainable label products, including renewable films and papers, 100 percent post consumer waste papers, dissolvable and repulpable papers, soy-based inks, and more.

• Renewable Films – Polylactic acid (PLA) film label materials produced with corn-based products
Renewable Papers – "Tree-free" label materials, made from bamboo, bagasse (sugar cane) and cotton linens
100% Post-Consumer Waste Papers – Label papers derived entirely from waste paper products
Dissolvable Paper – Paper label material that dissolves in water in just seconds and is biodegradable
Repulpable Paper – Paper that can be repulped along with corrugated into new paper label stock or board
Recycled Content Tags – Paper tag material containing a percentage of recycled content
Soy-based Inks – Inks that are entirely natural and eco-friendly, derived from a renewable source, for your preprinted label needs

Weber also has implemented green initiatives in our daily manufacturing processes and building maintenance.

• Label press waste now compacted and recycled into fuel pellets to eliminate 3,000,000 lbs. of landfill annually (example at right)
• Visitor badges printed with soy based inks on natural kraft (non bleached) paper
• Additional UV ink stations, eradicating catalyzed ink from our operation
• A cessation of herbicides on our grounds
• A direct-to-plate pre-press system to reduce chemical usage and eliminate film negatives
• New lighting systems that reduce airborne pollutants
• A digital printing operation that dramatically reduces set-up scrap over conventional printing

We believe that what is good for business can be better for the environment. We do not believe that being green has to cost more; no packaging professional should accept that. Here at Weber, we pledge to strive to develop products and process that improve our environment and our bottom line.

Weber Sustainable labels